Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Change of plans?

Okay, I know I don't have a HUGE following, so I wanted to ask you guys a question before I make any rash decisions...

A lot of you know that my home life isn't the best. Well, due to stress, no sleep, not eating like I should, and not taking my biotin like I should, I broke three nails today. They're super-nubs, now, so they're gonna have to grow out a bit more before I feel like I can show you guys some really good swatches. 

My question for you all is this: should I just stick to nail polish, or would you guys be interested in reading reviews of other beauty products? Hair, skin, whatever? Should I stick to beauty, or would you be interested in reviews on pretty much anything? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I want this blog to be a success, but, you happens *shrug*

If you are make anything other than polish, & would like to have your products reviewed, feel free to contact me. I could use something to help me get my mind off of stuff, and get out of this funk :-/

Hope everyone is having a good week! Don't forget to share the blog and my Facebook page! If I can get a pretty decent following, I plan on having a giveaway after Christmas. And if you've participated in my giveaways on Instagram, you know it will be awesome!

Happy polishing, and I'll talk to you all very soon! ;)
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