Tuesday, March 25, 2014

...More Than All the Stars in the Sky (Custom) - Cameo Colours Lacquers

Hi guys! Last month, my mom gave me my "tax refund allowance" on a prepaid debit card so I could order us both a few things online. One thing that I have had my heart set on for a pretty long time, was a custom polish from Cameo Colours Lacquers. So, that was the first thing I did. I contacted Cameo, told her that I wanted her to design it & name it just for me. We've been friends long enough, that she knows me & she knows what I like. I knew she would create something that was perfect for me :)

 "...More Than All the Stars in the Sky" is a mixture of teal & sapphire blue microglitter, mingled with gold & silver holographic microglitter in a buildable teal jelly base with hints of holographic micro particles. 
Bottle shot in direct sunlight

Of course, I had to include a blurred shot to show off all that holographic, sparkly yummiess :)

 Cameo knows my love for anything blue/teal AND holographic, as well as my fondness for glitter and textured polish. I really don't think it could get much more perfect *for me* than this...

Two coats, no top coat
Oops! Don't mind the ugly little fuzzy stuck to it!
Two coats and HK Girl topcoat

I had swatched "...More Than All the Stars in the Sky" before I first noticed the damage to my nails that I told you guys about last week, but when I went to look for my photos, all I could find were some random in-the-car shots. I can't find any of my swatch photos. Anywhere. So, for now, in-the-car shots and swatch sticks will just have to do, lol. *I will get more proper swatch photos once my nails get to looking a bit better*

I really can't get enough of the holo sparkles with that texture! (Yes, I am a HUGE fan of *most* textured polishes, lol)

In-the-messy-car shot
Blurry shot :) The photos still don't do that sparkle justice!

I am SO glad that I finally had the opportunity to get Cameo to customize something just for me, and even more thrilled with the results than I knew I would be! Thank you so much, Cameo...for all that you do, and for sharing your creative genius with the rest of us! Especially me, lol! You already know that I'm one of your biggest fans!!

Have you had the opportunity to try a Cameo Colours Lacquers yet? Which ones do you have? Which ones are your favorites? Which ones are on your wishlist? I'm curious to know!

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