Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Salon Perfect Holographic - Silver Screen

Hi guys! I hope you're all having a great week so far!

Today, I'd like to show you all a Salon Perfect Holographic polish. I won the entire collection in an Instagram giveaway held by Salon Perfect last year, and decided to pull them out since I hadn't really used them much yet.

This one is called "Silver Screen." I love the color choices in this collection, but I have to say, the holographic *or lack thereof* effect was a little disappointing! Of course, I haven't really found a mainstream brand whose holographic could stand against a lot of the Indie polishes out there.

Either way, though, this polish is very pretty...

I decided to pull out some of my glitters, since I've been on a glitter placement trip, lately. Maybe it was because it was around 3am when I was adding the glitters, or maybe I'm just a little crooked *hehe*, because you can clearly see that my lines aren't straight, lol

But, I still really like how the accent nail turned out! 

There wasn't much sun around, since we had just gotten an inch of snow the night before, and it was still very overcast, but I tried to get some shots to show the holographic effect.

This is two coats, with one coat of HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat.

As I said before, the holo effect in this polish really isn't the strongest I've ever seen.

All-in-all, I like this polish. I just wish the holo was a bit stronger because, well, who doesn't love a good holographic polish? At least the formula was pretty awesome. That kinda made up for the lack of holo. *For me, anyway lol*

Hope you all are having an awesome week, so far! 

Happy polishing, and I'll see y'all again soon! <3
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