Monday, February 10, 2014

Salon Perfect Holographic - Pixel Pink

Hi guys! I have another Salon Perfect Holographic polish to show you. This one is called "Pixel Pink."

Again, I won the entire collection from an Instagram giveaway held by Salon Perfect last year. And again, I was a little disappointed that the holo effect just isn't that strong in these. But the formula is great. I only had to use two coats, and I do love me a "two-coater"!

*HK Girl topcoat is sold HERE*

I was also a little surprised by how strongly it smelled! Polish smells usually don't bother me much, but this one was a little harder to tolerate.

I had a slight accident and smudged my middle nail a little, so please try to overlook that, lol

Remember the bad break I had on my index finger a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, I finally broke down and filed the others down to match. In doing that, I decided to go back to square nails. 

I decided to use some Color Club "Harp On It" to show you guys the stark contrast in the holographic effect between Salon Perfect and Color Club. *Even though it was late and all I had was my crappy indoor lighting* It also gave me an opportunity to finally use my chevron nail vinyls that I bought from (@teismom on Instagram) a few months ago, when I had a little money in my PayPal account. *Which are simply AH-MAZING!*

"Harp On It" is the only Color Club holo that I own, since I haven't been able to find any places near me that sell the brand *yet*. (I got this one in another Instagram giveaway last year) I personally consider Color Club to be the only "mainstream" brand that could ever really compete with a lot of the Indie brand holos out there. I mean, daaaamn, lookit dat holoooooo!

Of course, I couldn't just leave this manicure alone! Since I'm still on a "glitter placement trip," I added a little more sparkle...

So, what do you all think? Does the Salon Perfect Holographic polish have enough holo for you? Or are you like me, and wish it was at least a little bit stronger?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Happy polishing! :)
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